Resources For Orthodontists


Dr. Owen is passionate about his profession, especially lingual braces and the digital revolution of clinical orthodontics. He has travelled around the country and world teaching orthodontists about incorporating lingual braces and other innovative techniques into their practices. As a top level consultant for one of the largest orthodontic companies in the world working on the development of next generation digital braces and lingual appliances, Dr. Owen has a valuable and unique viewpoint about the future of orthodontics. If you are interested in having Dr. Owen speak to your group or organization, please contact for more information.


Dr. Owen’s Presentations:

pdf  Full Day Presentation Anterior Lingual Braces

pdf  Anterior Lingual Braces Summary


Informational Videos:

new Creating the Indirect Bonding Tray for In-Ovation L brackets (Part 1)

new Creating the Indirect Bonding Tray for In-Ovation L brackets (Part 2)

new Wire Shaping Upper and Lower Arches, 3-3 and 4-4 Indirect Brackets

new Direct Bonding In-Ovation L Brackets

new Managing Crowding Using In-Ovation L Brackets

new Opening and Closing the Doors of the In-Ovation L Bracket

new Opening and Closing the In-Ovation L Bracket using a Basic Scaler

new Removing and Placing Single Ties and Power Chains