Where in the World is Dr. Owen? May 2015 Edition

Crab legs, trolley cars, and the Golden Gate Bridge…Dr. Owen and Dr. Timock recently attended the American Association of Orthodontists annual session in San Francisco, California. There they completed continuing education courses, tested out the latest in orthodontic technology (SPOILER: a new intraoral scanner coming soon to the office), and, of course, gorged themselves on fresh seafood. Additionally, Dr. Owen had the honor to be a featured speaker at the American Lingual Orthodontic Association meeting hosted before the AAO event. As a leading user, developer, and advocate of lingual (or inside) braces, orthodontists from around the country and globe came to San Francisco to listen to Dr. Owen talk about combination treatment–when a patient has inside braces on the top teeth and traditional labial (or outside) braces on the lower teeth. Because the top teeth are more prominent in your smile, combination treatment is a great option for patients demanding optimum esthetics during treatment at a reduced cost compared to full lingual treatment. Dr. Owen is passionate about this subspecialty of orthodontics and it shows in his interesting and informative lectures. If you squint at the photo, you might just make out the lighters the audience are getting ready to wave in appreciation (or maybe those are just iPhones). Anyways, Dr. Owen is still a rockstar in the orthodontic community! Stay tuned for his next travel update.

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